Lawson and Zoey are twin aliens that have grown up on earth with no idea what they are or where they’re from. Lawson is convinced he’s meant to conquer the human race and rule the planet, while Zoey’s goal is just to fit in…and become famous. When Anthony, an anxiety stricken agency heir, moves into Lawson’s airship base, things start to get kind of crazy. It was crazy enough with Vivian, the trigger happy lolita hanging around. Lawson and Zoey try to get by in life despite their slug…shark…like appearences, and weird fishy powers, but always end up falling into danger. Of course, there’s danger everywhere when you’re the only two documented aliens on the planet. A lot of people want them dead for a lot of reasons. But they’ll be fine. Probably. Maybe they’ll even discover something about their past…

Kuri is the creator, writer, and artist of Xenocentric.

Noelle is the occasional editor of Xenocentric

Eric is the web coder for the Xenocentric site